Thursday, April 21, 2016

Where You Are Is Not Who You Are

Andrew dressed up in a crisp white shirt and tie and then he put on a blue blazer,  his shoes were old but he had polished them to a shiny black.  His friend looked at him and burst out laughing “ Hahahaha,  you no go kill me with this your packaging.  You be cleaner for that office o,  you go de dress like manager,  if dem de share promotion sef,  e no go reach you. “ Andrew looked at his friend and said “ I go soon leave you for this Ajegunle,  you go see,  me I go become manager very soon,  I go employ you”

 Andrew stepped out of the house and got to work then he changed to his work clothes and begin to clean the floor and tables in the office,  he had on his earphones and as he cleaned,  he would dance.  His goal was to make sure the whole office was shining by the time the first staff stepped in. After mopping,  he would change back to his clothes and meet the first staff with a smile by the door.  All the staff members were always amazed at how he did his job.  Andrew cleaned and smiled for the next 6 years.
One day,  he got a call from the manager and sitting in the office was the chairman and some board members and they said  to Andrew “we have observed you for the last 6 years and with the level of commitment and dedication you put into your work as a cleaner,  we have no doubt that if we ask you to manage this company, it can’t go down. Our manager is leaving and we have promoted you to be the next manager of this company,  every capacity gap will be catered for,  congratulations”. Andrew couldn’t believe his ears,  his dreams had come true at last.

The Holy Spirit asked me to tell you this morning “WHERE YOU ARE IS NOT WHO YOU ARE”. You may be sleeping on a mattress on the floor right now,  you may just have enough to eat 3 meals in a day,  your salary may be very meagre yet the work you do is very hectic.  I want you to enjoy every second of that moment because it is a test and your disposition and attitude determines how long you will stay there,  it’s  test,  make sure you pass with flying colours!  Where you are right now will qualify you for your future!  Joseph enjoyed the prison so much that he was eventually given the keys of the prison and it never crossed his mind to escape! Ruth enjoyed taking care of Naomi so much that all everyone could talk about was how well Ruth was taking care of his elderly mother in law.

Dr. Mike Murdock said “there is someone observing you that is capable of blessing you” but they are watching if you are worth it!  Your future is where you are! God has put something in your present that will be the seed to unlock your future.  Don’t grumble at your office any longer,  have fun,  do the things God would be proud of.  Represent God where you are and He will promote you.

The Bible says in Matthew 25:23 (NIV) "His master replied, 'Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things.
The person who was faithful in FEW things will be put in charge of MANY things! If you are faithful where you are, you will qualify for abundance.

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