Friday, April 29, 2016

Who Influences Your Wife?

“My daughter it’s time to leave that useless man you call your husband,  see how you are looking,  before he married you,  your skin was shining like glass now you are dark and fat,  he hasn’t even been sending money to me.  This is my 5th husband,  there is nothing wrong if you marry another man. You know I want the best for you and nobody loves you like me”

Michelle got home and began to pack her things,  she could never disobey her mum,  since her dad left,  she had been both father and mother, mummy was always right, she would leave Wilson,  thank God she didn’t have any children for him.
By the time Michelle was 35, she had been married 4 times, that was when she began to realize that her mum didn’t know anything about marriage and she also decided to look for her father to hear his side of the story,  it turned out that Michelle’s father left because her mum was impregnated by Michael, her father’s best friend that was the reason why he left. Michelle began to cry because it dawned on her that her life had been wasted by a mother who used her for selfish purposes.

I will be talking to the men this morning; before you marry a woman,  you need to know who her biggest influence is,  whose advise she follows  and who she turns to when she is in trouble.  Most times,  that person is her mother. The worst thing that can happen to a man is to have a bad mother in law, your marriage will never work.
There is a profound scripture in Mark 6:24 Then she left the room and said to her mother, what shall I ask for myself? And she replied,  the head of John the Baptist.
John the Baptist preached against Herod because he married his brother’s wife and from that day,  she sought to kill him and when the opportunity came, she used her daughter to kill John the Baptist.

There are women who are trying to relive their lives through their daughters, they would want them to marry the kind of man they would have married and do the things they would have done,  they pull the strings behind the scenes.
If your mother in law is a God fearing woman,  you will see the results in your wife and if she’s a fetish woman you will also see the results in your wife.  The mother spends more time with the children so her influence is greater.   Pay attention to that influence,  your wife has the potential to become everything her mother is and more.

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