Thursday, April 7, 2016

Five Ways To Spot A COZA Member

Have you ever been at your office and someone walks in for business or you are having lunch somewhere and a total stranger takes a look at you and the next thing he or she says is 'you are a COZA member right?' There is no doubt that there is a grace on the lives of COZA members, we are a movement of  people who love God passionately and are taking territories for the Kingdom. What are the factors that stand COZA members out?

1. Sharp Dressers: If you are based in Abuja, Lagos State, Ilorin Kwara State and very soon Dubai, you will meet them at your office, during meetings, at lunch and in conferences but they all have one thing in common; they are always dressed to the nines; for the gentlemen you will notice their well knotted ties, pocket squares in place, lapel pins on fleek and for the ladies you will notice their stunning hair, make up and unforgettable shoes and when they dress down, the standards don't drop. If you have been seeing anyone around you like this, he or she is most likely a COZA member.

2. I Celebrate You; When you move close enough and say "good morning" to a COZA member, they will look at you square in the eyes, put on a charming smile and respond  with "I celebrate you" and truly you will feel celebrated. This is the ultimate give away of every COZA member, they celebrate everyone they meet anywhere in the world. A COZA member has the ability to make you feel special when you are with them regardless of how bad your day has been. COZA members are also one of the most courteous people you will ever meet, they never say "good morning" there is always a "Sir, Ma or Dear" at the end of every greeting. COZA members treat each other with a lot of respect. 

3. Young and Successful: So you have heard a lot about this real estate tycoon or this very successful businessman or you are meeting your landlord for the first time or you are going for a job interview and you have an idea of what the boss should look like. Suddenly you see this very young man or lady and you are expecting the boss to come out (LOL) COZA members have that effect on people all the time. There is a grace apparent in the lives of COZA members and its called the grace for speed. What takes other people 10 years takes a COZA member 2 years, there is an uncommon grace they carry. 

4. Spirituality; Every morning at 4am, you hear that pretty neighbor of yours praying in tongues and you just cover your ears with your pillow, on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays she is in church and she is a worker. You have invited her to come clubbing with you but she will quote Psalm 1 and tell you Christians shouldn't club, you have tried to argue with her and persuade her so many times but she wont budge. she doesn't play with her tithe and offerings yet when you see her she is so put together and you want to ask her out but she preaches to you and takes you to church instead you have just met the typical COZA lady. 

5. Don't Talk About My Pastors; When you want a COZA gentleman or lady to lose his cool and you want to make an enemy for life, say anything bad about Pastor Biodun or Mummy D and his or her eyes will change. He will first of all try to make you see reason but when you don't he or she drops you like a hot plate. You have just lost a friend, a COZA member has been taught honor and will never dishonor their parents either biological or spiritual.If you are dating a COZA lady or gentleman and you say something bad about Pastor Biodun or Mummy D, that's the end of that relationship!

COZA members are so ingrained with the honor culture that they will never talk down any leader either governmental or spiritual.

Whenever you see anyone with these five attributes, just go ahead and say "I celebrate you" more often than not, you will be right. 


  1. Awezommeee. Very spot on bro.

  2. Awwww... This is absolutely apt.

  3. Well said Sir, I celebrate you 😊

  4. Gbamest! Especially the 'I celebrate you'part. Even in traffic and you both see the car stickers, that wide grin on our faces, epic!

  5. Well represented Adewale. I have experienced a few COZAites and the sentiments are true.

  6. Right at the head of the nail... and in it went.
    Thas how we roll...!

  7. Lol.. So true sir. More grace.

  8. My God! All and Number 5! spot on!

  9. Excellent delivery. One more point Sir...

    Excellence marks them out in and out of the office!!!

    I celebrate you Sir!

  10. intelligent discovery, well explanatory, from the "I Celebrate you part", to the shoes, COZA babes no dey carry last. and the smart dressing for the guys, different shades of ties and pocket squares, the peaking in tongues, even conversations has to be spiritual, you go to buy food and they say it has finished, by the time you rattle that tongue for just 1 min, you will here but! then lastly how to loose a coza friend, just say something bad about our parents in the Lord, its one way ticket out of that friendship... hahaha. well said brother.