Monday, December 19, 2016

Start Your Day With A Song

The Spirit of the Sovereign LORD is upon me, for the LORD has anointed me to bring good news to the poor.

" 🎵🎵Wole wa, Wole wa o, emi aluta, Wole wa o🎵🎵". The school authorities had increased the fees and the students decided to demonstrate so they  declared "Aluta" (Aluta means "struggle" it is a form of protest by students to show their displeasure against certain policies of school authorities)  but before anything could be done they needed to sing and as they sang, more students joined and suddenly they erupted into a frenzy, they made for the VC's office and broke the windscreen of his car then they started burning tyres. The school was locked down till further notice, Aluta had prevailed. 

Did you notice that Aluta never happened without a song? Something happens when people keep chanting for the spirit of Aluta, suddenly  timid students become bold, students who couldn't kill a chicken can now break a windscreen. 

Music is the protocol of the spirit! Even idol worshippers sing to attract the presence of demons!  
NEVER start your day without singing to God, I start my day every morning with a song to the Holy Spirit. As you sing, you will feel the presence of God, it is at that moment that you must begin to command your day, you tell today what it should be like, you say things like "money comes to me from all over the world today, every eye that sees me will favor me, the work of my hands is established, help comes to me from everywhere"
You will notice that your day will go as planned. Wake up! You sleep too much that's why you don't have results. Men of passion wake up at 4am

May God answer your prayers in Jesus name. 

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