Friday, December 2, 2016

Be A Stylish Wife

"Is that what you are wearing out?" Nosa looked at his wife's shabby dressing while he was dressed in a Giorgio Armani 3 piece suit. Please go back and change to the Oscar De La Renta dress I bought you. 

Funbi  eyed her husband and hissed "what is wrong with what I am wearing is it not just a dinner?" Nosa shook his head, it wasn't just a dinner it was an investor's  dinner for his company and there would be lots of dignitaries in attendance. 

When she eventually came out, her makeup was horrible but they were running out of time so they had to leave. They got to the venue and it was time to eat, Funbi had no social graces, she picked her teeth with her hands, she slopped on the drinks and talked with food in her mouth.

Nonso was so embarrassed, he had warned her about her social habits but she  never listened now she had disgraced him in front of important people. He made up his mind to never take her to important functions any longer. 

Right there at the meeting he spotted a lady in red, her lipstick matched her dress and her eyes lit up the room, her off shoulder dress flaunted a beautiful butter skin and the light bounced off her two color weave on. Nosa walked up to her and introduced himself. Her name was Lucy and she was looking for a job. Nosa hired her on the spot, she would be the secretary and the person he would take to important events from now on.

Ladies! Social graces are important, a woman must know how to dress, use make up, look good and hold a proper conversation in social gatherings. Don't spend all your days watching Telemundo, learn what is happening in the world, read to improve yourself, learn how to eat in public and exercise so you stay healthy and don't fall out of shape.

You have been struggling with that man and now money has come, you need to switch! You were wearing clothes from Primark  before but now the circles and friends you now have are more sophisticated, upgrade! Get a good tailor and create a new wardrobe that reflects your new status. If your husband is upwardly mobile and stylish don't be the iro and buba wife. You will lose him that way. 

Receive wisdom in Jesus name. 

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