Monday, November 14, 2016

Your Faith Will Rise in Crisis

Prophet Taiwo was at the airport awaiting to board a plane on his way to Benin for a crusade, he was a popular face on TV and radio and he was greatly respected. As he made his way to the aircraft people bowed and greeted him, he was used to the honor that came with his office as a prophet. 

The plane sailed smoothly through the air for the first fifteen minutes and then the turbulence started, the pilot's voice burst through the speakers and he said "ladies and gentlemen we are flying at 80,000 feet above sea level and there is a thunderstorm, we are trying to avoid it but if we cannot please be prepared  for the worst and pray for God's intervention"

Everyone started praying and screaming, Prophet Taiwo was quiet, he had been through worse, it would pass but then the plane started spinning in circles and everyone was screaming, Prophet Taiwo began to shout Jesus and suddenly the plane began to nose dive. Prophet Taiwo lost his cool and began to say "Sango gba mi, eyin to ni afefe e gbe mi (Sango god of Thunder, save me, those who own the air carry me) he was so lost in his incantations that he did not notice when the plane stabilized, he was the only person still chanting incantations to Sango the god of Thunder. 

It became clear to everyone that Prophet Taiwo was a fake prophet, he was not truly a man of God. 

Proverbs 24:10 MSG says if you fall to pieces in a crisis, there wasn't much to you in the first place. 

You don't know if you truly believe in God until you are faced with serious challenges, it is at that moment that the real you emerges. Would you began to call on Sango like Prophet Taiwo or you will stay with Jesus? Take a minute to talk to yourself and tell yourself the truth; do you really believe in Jesus or you are just fooling yourself? 

Who you believe in determines if you will come out as a winner or a loser. Those who truly believe in Jesus never lose a battle! With Jesus, victory is guaranteed! I like to tell people who want to fight me that I have a 100% success rate in battle, you cannot win me because Jesus will always fight for me! 

Resist the temptation to run all over the place, focus on Jesus, that is where your salvation and deliverance will come from. 

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  1. Looooooool. It is what a man believes in deep deep down that he calls on in times of peril and trouble. At that point, no pretence.