Thursday, November 24, 2016

Don't Destroy Favor

One day of favor is equal to a lifetime of labor. If you had to work for everything you had,  you must have lived a miserable life, favor is God serving you first when it won't go round, favor is receiving gifts you don't deserve. There are no successful men, there are only favored men. The difference between the Obioma tailor and a fashion designer is favor. Favor is important! You must go for it!

Yet it breaks my heart to see people lose favor all the time. Many people lose favor because of foolishness and ignorance. How do you attract favor:

1. When you meet someone you admire don't ask for money: I learnt this the hard way. I did some services for a top politician three years ago and then I asked that he buy me a car 🙆🙆🙆🙆 😂😂😂. From that time, the man believes I am money hungry. Don't be foolish, don't see successful people as your ATM card, offer your services and do it diligently. Be more concerned about the relationship than money.

2. Don't be a collector; are you like the earth that is never satisfied? You are like the Dead Sea always collecting but never giving anything out, you will stink! Make it an habit to give to people who give to you! As a matter of fact, give more than everyone in your circle.

3. Learn how to appreciate people who have been good to you: saying "thank you" to people who have shown you favor is good but that is not enough. Do something tangible to express your gratitude.

4. Don't let people who have shown you favor regret it. There are some people you have shown favor who have repaid you with evil. Those kind of people have no favor, God is the One who dispenses favor and if you don't take care of favor, you won't see more.

There are many more but I will stop here. Receive wisdom for favor in Jesus name.

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