Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Testimony Thursday

The Holy Spirit instructed me to share a testimony every Thursday. So when everyone does throwback Thursday, I do testimony Thursday, they are both #TBT 😁

Early this month, the Holy Spirit inspired me to start Sapphire Scents line of fragrances. For the past 19 months we would scout the Middle East for rare fragrances and then bring them to Nigeria. God gave me a nose to smell perfumes that can make money and we have made a little fortune from those perfumes but now God was telling me to move on. The Holy Spirit let me in on a secret; He said there would be people who would be selling exactly what we sell, they would visit our page, copy all our perfumes and order the same stuff from the Middle East even though we were the ones that introduced these perfumes to the Nigerian market.

When I told my distributors many of them pleaded with me but I knew what the Holy Spirit had told me. It created a serious frenzy because many distributors even had pending orders and they needed to get perfumes to their clients but I refused to budge.

Yesterday afternoon I was going through Instagram when I saw a page using our pictures and displaying our kind of perfumes. Initially I thought the person must be our distributor but on closer inspection the person was not! They were using all our pictures many of which our distributors took with their phones, I took some of those pictures too.

I referred our distributors to the page and asked them not to make a scene, I wanted them to learn a lesson, always listen to the Holy Spirit, He will reveal secrets to you. If you are a businessman and your competition can do what you do then you can't last! Thank God we moved on! We would have lost millions of Naira this Christmas.

With Sapphire Attar we have no competition because nobody knows what we mixed and when these perfumes land, I know the perfume industry will never be the same, I was anointed for this, I was born to do this!

Ladies and gentlemen, listen to the Holy Spirit, cherish that relationship, you can't do much without Him.

 You too can be a social media evangelist. Please share so that others can be blessed as you have been blessed. #ThankYouJesus

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  1. Thank God.
    The Holy Spirit is wonderful. He can tell you the future and the past, and any other thing you need to know.