Sunday, November 27, 2016

Why Christian Men Fail (Part 2)

Why Christian Men Fail (Part 2)

Yesterday we looked at part 1 of why Christian men fail and I said the first thing the devil attacks is your relationship with your pastor.

The second reason why Christian men fail is unconquered tendencies. These are secret cravings and pleasures that becomes a deadly sin and eventually ruins or almost ruins Christian men.

Let us look at look at some anointed men of God who had unconquered tendencies:

1. King David had a thing for other men's wives. King David was married to Saul's daughter Michal but Saul took her away from him and after that he married Abigail who was the former wife of Nabal, and when he became King of Israel, he asked for Michal his first wife who was already married to another man. 2 Samuel 3:14-15 tells us that Michal's husband was weeping behind her as she left for David's house. At that time, King David had at least four wives. Then King David set his eyes on Beersheba who was the wife of Uriah the Hittite and he killed her husband to marry her. These cravings almost destroyed him, God placed a curse on the house of David that said in 2 Samuel 12:10 "the sword shall never depart from your house"

King David had cravings for what belonged to other men and it almost destroyed him.

King Solomon loved strange and exotic women so much that he had 700 wives who were of royal birth  and 300 concubines and they turned his heart from God.

What are your unconquered tendencies? Lust, sex, anger, food, money? You must begin to conquer it in your heart, it is a monster that can destroy you. May God help us all in Jesus name.

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