Friday, November 18, 2016

Men Ought To Pray

Lucifer sat in hell when the two monitoring spirits he assigned to Mr Kole's family appeared and they said "that man is a Christian but we have seen a loophole in his family, they don't pray together, there is no family altar in their house, there are no angels guarding their home"

Lucifer laughed "we will introduce the spirit of strife and insecurity through his wife, we will begin to whisper thoughts that her husband is cheating and then we will arrange one of our girls to set him up, get to work! I hate Christian marriages, they must scatter, their children must hate God!"

Kole woke up and brushed his teeth and then he kissed his wife Linda, he  said a five minute prayer and left for work. Long prayers were for church, the one hour prayer done in that church would last him for a week, he needed to focus on other things.

At 9pm Kole was still not back from work Linda called her husband but he didn't pick up, that was unusual. Meanwhile Kole was on his way home when he saw a lady with a flat tyre,  her name was Rachel, he stopped to help her and when he was done changing her tyres, she hugged him and planted a kiss on his cheeks and his shirt but he didn't know that there was a lipstick stain on his cheek and shirt.

He got home and Linda took one look at him and she just went crazy, she began to call him all sorts of names but he didn't understand why until she showed him the lipstick stain, he tried to explain but she didn't believe him and things grew worse everyday, Kole began to see more of Rachel because there was no peace at home and in two years, their marriage was over.

I am talking to men this morning; it's important  to make money but one of the most important roles of a man is to pastor his home. NEVER EVER EVER start or end a day without praying together and reading your bible, this is SO IMPORTANT and only very few Christian homes do this. I learnt a long time ago that PRAYER IS THE SEED FOR PEACE! Families that pray together, stay together!

Every 6:30 am in the morning and 9pm at night we are praying, praising and reading the bible at my house. Try it and see how peaceful and joyful your home will be. Receive wisdom in Jesus name.

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