Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Testimony Time!

I am stirred to share this testimony with someone and I believe it will bless you.

After we moved into our apartment there was still a lot that needed to be done in terms of furnishing the house. We had made a bed and a sitting room set, we had 2 ACs, 2 TVs, a fridge, a gas cooker and 2 sound systems that was all. The apartment was a 3 bedroom we needed a dining set, bedroom furniture, mirrors,  a generator, TVs and ACs in every room, we needed wardrobes, we needed to repaint the walls and just make the place beautiful.

Ladies and gentlemen if it took God to get you that car, job, house it will take God for you to maintain it! I wrote down everything I needed to buy and when I did the calculation it was quite some money but I have learnt how to make things multiply. I would wake up at 4am and go to the apartment, we had not moved in at the time and I would connect the music player, drop the list of all we wanted to buy and just praise God for two hours and then I would go into every room and declare "supernatural supply"

By the grace of God today, we have everything on that list now, I think I have the most beautiful apartment in our block of flats yet only last year we were squatting and we had nothing but our clothes in Ghana must go bags.

Beloved you can praise God into your next level. When you have praises and worship songs in your mouth, your testimony is certain!

You too can be a social media evangelist. Please share so that others can be blessed as you have been blessed. #ThankYouJesus


  1. ... I have learnt how to make things multiply. This is glorious. By the grace of God, things will as well multiply in my life because of this testimony. It's our corporate inheritance. Thank you for sharing