Sunday, November 20, 2016

You Cannot Afford To be Neutral

Lester woke up with two naked women sleeping on his chest, he picked up a half smoked marijuana and lit it, he was living the life; at 26 he had everything money could buy. His parents used to tell him that he needed God to be successful but they were wrong, he didn't need anybody, all he needed was his brain and he was very smart, he graduated magna cum laude at Harvard, he was the most sought after project manager in Africa and Europe.

Lester had a $10 million presentation at 10am so he got dressed, kissed his two girlfriends, got into his SLK MacLauren with oxblood interiors and sped away. He got to the office of Pablo and Ricci right on time, he was never late.

At 10 sharp, he set up his projector and said "good morning everyone" and his mind blacked out, he couldn't remember what he had to say. He apologized and promised to come back later. The moment he left their office, everything came back so he drove back but when he stood in front of them, he blanked out again. Lester began to experience these black outs for a year and he lost everything that he had.

It was then that Lester ran to God and gave his life to Jesus Christ and the blackouts stopped immediately.

Ladies and gentlemen if you are a highflying businessman and you don't pray or do juju or belong to any cult yet your business is doing well and thriving, give it some time you can't last!

The business world is not for neutral people! Business controls money and power and you need these two in the world to dominate. If Satan had the nerve to tell Jesus to bow down and worship him and he would handover the riches and glory of this world to him why then do you think you can live anyhow and be successful for long.

My brother, my sister you cannot be neutral! Choose Jesus! That is the only name that has influence in heaven, on earth and under the earth! Every other name will fail! Align your business with Jesus and you will see what will begin to happen.

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