Sunday, November 6, 2016

Do You Have Social Manners

I was in traffic yesterday when I saw this really pretty lady sitting at the passenger side of a cab next to me . Her skin was beautiful and  glistening under the sun, she wore a gold chain that sparkled as her skin glowed, she had a very attractive presence. As I appreciated God's creative ability, she suddenly stuck her head out of the cab and released a professional spit (ewwww), she spat on the road not minding that cars were everywhere and it could have fallen on a car.

My fascination wore off immediately; this was a very beautiful woman without finesse or class and I thought to myself that if I was dating that kind of woman I could leave her for that particular reason. These little things are a big deal!

Does your mouth make noise when you eat? Do you spit anyhow and everywhere? Do you fight at weddings when you don't get food? Do you have body or mouth odor?

Let's pay attention to these little things they matter a lot.  Happy Sunday.

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