Tuesday, November 8, 2016

You Can Prosper by Association

"Sir, I don't want anything from you, I just want to serve you and follow you everywhere you go" Richard looked at the young man who introduced himself as Ladi and was amused, he had never heard anyone say that kind of thing before but he saw that his intentions were genuine so he gave him an apartment in his boys quarters.

As Richard prospered, Ladi also prospered, the more he served faithfully, the more he prospered. In 3 months, Ladi had to move out of the boys quarters to his own apartment and in a year, he had built his own house.

Ladi then decided to get married; his wife didn't like how he was always at the beck and call of Richard so she manipulated him and told him to break away and start his own business. Ladi followed his wife's advise, Richard felt it was not right to release him yet but Ladi left arrogantly.

In a few months, Ladi's new business started recording serious losses, everything that could go wrong happened. Ladi got back to his senses and went to apologize to Richard and then his life stabilized again.

Beloved there is such a thing as prosperity by association. The bible tells us about Abraham and Lot in Genesis 13:5 (NLT) Lot, who was traveling with Abram, had also become very wealthy with flocks of sheep and goats, herds of cattle, and many tents.

The bible tells us that when Lot left Abraham, trouble began; Abraham was the one who always had to save Lot from trouble all his life.

The covenant promises that anyone associated with you will be blessed! Those who serve you become blessed by God, your business associates become blessed as well, it also has another side; those who curse you and make life difficult for you also become cursed by God!

It is wisdom to associate with blessed men, that's why it's important to serve in church, the blessing on the life of whoever you serve flows to you as well.

If you must leave a man who has been blessing you, never leave with anger or in a way that he's not glad to release you, blessings can be transferred, make sure he prays for you. A word of heart felt prayer from a boss to a servant can transfer the anointing!

Look around you, who do you admire the most? Whose life inspires you? Go and serve that man and watch the grace on his life flow to you.

    #AGratefulHeart #LovingGodEnjoyingTheCovenant

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