Thursday, June 25, 2015

Your Pain is a Blessing

Michael smiled and waved as his fans screamed his name, he loved them all. He gave a bow and the curtains closed.
Michael pinched himself just to be sure that all he was experiencing was real. Only a month ago, he had been homeless and broke, he had almost committed suicide. It was while he was singing one of the songs he composed titled "why God?" that he caught the attention of a music producer who had stopped to buy recharge card near the uncompleted building Michael was sitting. They had signed him on the spot and now he was opening shows for top artistes all over the world. Who would have thought that his life would change so fast?
Michael made up his mind to encourage people all over the world not to give up on their dreams no matter what happened. He was convinced that the reason God let him go through all he experienced was to be a voice of hope to the hopeless.
Many times, we go through challenges that we cannot explain, we don't understand why things other people do so easily have to be difficult when it comes to our turn. Why can't we get married when our friends did, or have children when everyone had theirs or have a job or be making money just like everyone.
God says you are going through that experience because of millions of people who will be in that same situation and your voice will be the voice of hope. That challenge will not kill you, you will come out stronger and better. You will be able to say confidently to the woman who has not had a baby in 10 years to hold on because her baby is on the way, you will say confidently to the business man who is neck deep in debt that God will sort him out, you will say boldly to the lady whose heart has just been broken that a better man will come.
The pains of today are the blessings of tomorrow, may your scars be a blessing and may your tears be the oil that will soothe the wounds of another. Amen
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Jesus is Lord. Shalom

Bible Text: Romans 4:18

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