Saturday, June 27, 2015

How to Know the Right Woman

"Welcome back my king, how was your day?" Kola looked sad and ashamed, he had to tell his wife that he still could not find a job. "there were no vacancies anywhere, I..." Sade held her husband's head to her bosom and kissed his forehead "you are a brilliant man, the right job will come. I want you to know that I love you, no matter what we go through and I am proud of you"
A month later, Kola won a contract worth millions of naira; the first thing he did after paying his tithe was to buy his wife a brand new car. He knew he could not have made it without her.
The woman you marry determines your future as a man. If you marry a good woman, success will come to you but if you marry the wrong woman, your life will be miserable.
If you have a girlfriend or you are married and you cannot tell her how much you have in your bank account because you feel her knowing will determine how she treats you then there is a problem. Don't marry any woman you cannot discuss money matters with or any woman that makes you want to pretend that everything is fine when there are challenges.
If a woman cannot see beyond the cars and the nice apartment, don't marry her. Your wife will see your greatness even when you cannot see it and she will treat you like a king even when all you have to your name is N1000.
Who is the woman in your life and how does she treat you?
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