Friday, June 5, 2015

Your Difference is Your Strength

Joseph had always been different, the way he talked, the way he dressed; he was always wearing this coat that had many colours and the way he behaved. He was a dreamer with impossible dreams, even his father had to caution him about those ambitious dreams.
Ladies and gentlemen, if God has a plan for you, you will be different from every other person. There are 4 things you must know:
1. They will call you weird; Everyone God has ever used has been called weird, Jesus was weird, in many places in the Bible, they asked "what manner of man is this?" Noah was weird, he was building a huge boat when he had never seen rain before. Don't let what people call you affect you, you are one of the special few.
There are over 7 billion people in the world but there are less than 4000 billionaires! What does this tell you? These 4000 people thought differently and behaved differently from the rest of the world, people would have laughed at them and called them crazy. Your difference is your superiority
2. People will hate you; Joseph was hated for his dreams, Jesus was hated for his ministry, Samson was hated for his ministry. If God has set you apart, one of the trademarks will be hatred; you will face it at work, in your family, among friends.
Chicken can never be comfortable in the presence of an eagle, there's something that God has put in you that intimidates people who are not of your specie. You must have a tough skin and realise it's their problem, not yours.
3. Your dreams will come true; what is that vision you have seen about yourself? Believe it because it will come to pass! Have you seen yourself as a president of your country, as one of the billionaires of your generation or you are spear heading something new, whatever it is you have seen will come to pass! It may take many years but it will come to pass! Joseph's dream took 13 years, David's dream took 17 years, your dream will come to pass! Hold on to it!
4. Submit your life to God; beloved, you cannot even proceed without God. If you do, you have failed before you started, He was the one who created you and put those dreams in your heart. You must surrender to God and ask Him to lead you.
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Jesus is Lord. Shalom

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