Friday, September 16, 2016

Where Are The Men?

"My boyfriend is a good guy o, only that he drinks and smokes, you know how it is, they have to always choose one, if he is not drinking and smoking, he will be a womanizer, I think I can cope better with a man that smokes and drinks than a man that womanises." 

Cynthia looked at her friend and said " For me, my boyfriend loves me but he is not passionate about anything, I have to keep pushing him to make money and make something of his life, it's better than a man that beats me abeg" 

Where are the men? Where are the men of prayer and passion? Where are the responsible men who love God and enjoy the beautiful things of life? The devil has been selling a lie to women: they say you can't have it all, like you should expect your man to have a flaw that you will manage for the rest of your life, that is a lie! God did not create man like that! 

A man can be handsome, God fearing, rich, responsible and still love you with all his heart! You have not been getting these kind of men because somewhere at the back of your mind you believe it's not true, you are expecting damaged goods! 

You need to change that mindset or you will never be happy when you marry, you would want to 'cope' rather than 'enjoy'. Make up your mind to settle for nothing less  than God's best.

Let me ask you this question? Are you a complete woman? If your answer is yes why are you expecting an incomplete man? May God help us all in Jesus name. 

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