Sunday, September 18, 2016

My Birth Was A Miracle

I asked my mum a question that changed the way I see myself, I am more confident and more conscious of the fact that I am not a mere mortal, God sent me to the earth and He has been preserving me.

I asked my mum to tell me of the circumstances surrounding my birth and this is what she had to say; she was 32 weeks when her water broke and she was rushed to the hospital, in less than an hour, I was born but even my mum couldn't see me, I was whisked to the intensive care unit and put inside an incubator, there were wires and needles all over my very tiny frame, it was a scary picture because my mum said when she saw me, she began to cry but they assured her I would be fine.

I was still in the incubator 7 days later on my naming day, my dad came to the intensive care unit and whispered "your name is Adewale (A king has come home) Aladejana" to my ears.

From that moment on, I began to grow and in a little while, I was out of the hospital and I began to grow.  I have been kept alive all these years by the sheer mercy and goodness of God, this has rekindled my faith and trust in God, if He kept me when I couldn't fight for myself, if He preserved me when I was just a little baby, He won't stop now and if the devil could not kill me then, it's too late for him right now!

Do yourself a favor, call your mum and let her tell you about your birth, it will build your faith and confidence in God. Happy Sunday.

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