Sunday, September 11, 2016

What Are Your Habits, These are Mine

The secret of successful people is in their daily routines, a man cannot be more successful than his habits. What you do everyday determines the course of your life and how you will eventually end. I am not there yet but I am on my way and I am stirred to share my daily routine with someone, I believe it will bless you.

4:30 am: Alarm goes off singing Dr. Mike Murdock's "Welcome Holy Spirit", I struggle a bit then I sing along and eventually start praying in tongues for the next one hour. I lay hands on my wife and daughter and my wife also prays for me. 

5:30-: 6:30 AM I read my bible and I compose the post I send every morning, most times I never know what to write till the last moment. I tell the Holy Spirit to write through me.

7:00-7:30 I am broadcasting the morning posts on social media, we are also praying on the Sapphire Scents Whatsapp group and family morning devotion is also going on at the house. 

7:30-8AM: it's confession time, I say scriptures and declarations from my pastor to myself and I end with a thanksgiving list, it's a list of all that God has done for me.

8AM-12 noon: it's game time, we are sending perfumes all over Nigeria and inquiries are pouring in. In between I grab something to eat, food is boring unless it's a special dish (wifey is making pancakes with almond nuts today, I am excited 😁) and at the same time I am reading a book or researching on the Internet. We are also strategizing at Sapphire Scents.

12noon-12:30: I pray and read my bible for 30 minutes and my day continues. 

12:30-3:30 PM business continues but at 3pm I take another break to pray and read my bible or a book. 

3:30-9:30pm business, research, strategizing continues. Before 9pm I am most times watching TV and at 9pm, it's time for the family prayer, we sing, pray and read the bible.

9:30-10pm: I do my personal bible study and say my confessions again. Then at 10pm we announce the top buyers at Sapphire Scents for the day. We are giving a million Naira to the highest buyer in December so we provide daily updates. 

11pm: We pray and then go to bed at  Sapphire Scents. Before 12 midnight I usually fall asleep. 

This what my typical day is like. 

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