Friday, September 9, 2016

Is He The Right Man?

When Lorraine met Jimmy she was happy that at last she had found a good Christian man, Jimmy was always in church and he was a very prayerful man but in time, Lorraine began to notice that Jimmy lacked integrity and character, she couldn't hold him to his word and there were always people calling him and threatening to deal with him because he owed money and he wouldn't pay back. Lorraine decided to break up with Jimmy after a while and everyone thought she had lost her mind for breaking up with a good Christian brother.

I am talking to the ladies this morning, please don't marry a man who doesn't have strength of character or integrity, don't marry a man who doesn't have self pride, don't marry a man who thinks his name and his word is worth nothing.

There are certain tips I want you to watch out for;

1. He does what he says: He may not have a lot of money but he keeps telling you about his big dreams. How do you know if he will achieve those dreams? By the little things he does right now. If he promised to come and pick you at 6pm, he won't call back with an excuse. If he tells you that you are the only woman in his life, you won't see him chatting up another woman secretly.

2. He pays back debts: if he has to borrow, he always pays back, if he lends 5k from you, he will give you 10k back, he won't do as if it doesn't count because both of you are dating.

3. When he attends a wedding, birthday he takes a gift along: it's becoming a trend for people to dress up and show up at birthdays/weddings and people's events without a gift, it's very wrong, go with something or send a gift later. Any man who thinks of blessing others is a thoughtful person. Don't marry a greedy, a selfish or a careless man.

4. He says "please and thank you": He doesn't take you for granted, he says "please" before he asks you to do something for him and he also says "thank you". He appreciates your efforts. A man who doesn't appreciate anything you do will frustrate you.

May God help you to find the right man in Jesus name.

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