Saturday, September 3, 2016

When You Meet The Right Woman

I am stirred to reminisce about my relationships before I met my wife, I am sure it will bless someone. 

Before I got born again I had lots of relationships but when I became born again, I wanted to date only a Christian lady and get married but it didn't happen that fast. 

The first lady I dated was a sweet cute lady but I broke her heart, she wasn't the right one. A break up is painful but don't be sentimental, once you are sure she's not the one please don't waste her time, she will hate you for a while but in time she will be grateful. 

The second lady was a ravishing beauty, she wasn't born again but I thought I could change her. You can't change anyone, even God couldn't change the devil. Don't date an unbeliever, you can't win on that turf.

The third lady wasn't my type of lady, I liked tall, light and slim ladies, she was dark and on the chubby side but she was a charmer. She knew how to talk to a man and she was a great conversationalist, she was an intellectual too. If a woman lies to you  more than once, it's because she thinks she's smarter than you. Don't stay with any woman who thinks she can deceive you.

The fourth lady was an ex girlfriend and we came back because I thought she was genuinely born again. Don't be carried away because a woman sends gospel broadcasts and reads Kenneth Hagin books. If your boyfriend or girlfriend is in another city, make sure you visit them, you will learn a lot.

If you date 100 women or men, only ONE will be the right one. Don't manage a man or a woman, there is a perfect woman or man for you and when you meet him or her, you will discover love on another level and a peace that will gladden your heart. He is coming, she is coming, don't settle for less. It took me two days to recognize my wife's difference from every other woman and I knew I would marry her. It turned out to be the smartest,  wisest decision I ever made. It happened for me, it will happen for you.

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  1. Awwwww. This is so sweet.
    And I agree with you. He/ she doesn't need to be perfect. But there is someone perfect FOR you.
    Lol at the fourth girlfriend and Kenneth Hagin books. Dem plenty. Even the men.