Sunday, July 24, 2016

If You Only Knew

I was going past a particular street at Wuse 2, Abuja when I saw a Guaranty Trust Bank, I could not believe my eyes! In the past, I would have to go to another GT bank that was 20 minutes away all because I didn't know there was a GT bank just around the corner!

The bible says in Ecclesiastes 10:15 (GWT) Fools wear themselves out with hard work, because they don't even know the way to town.

If you knew that you did not have to sleep with that Alhaji before you could pay for your house rent you would not have done it. If only you knew that you didn't have to get to the office at 5am and close by 11pm before you could get a promotion, if only you knew that you could still have a baby despite the doctor's report, if only you knew that a better guy was coming after the one that broke your heart you would not have cried so much!

The bible says in Hosea 4:6 (ESV) My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge;

If you knew that God was a Father and you were His daughter, you would have known that God would provide your house rent. If you knew that promotion does not come from the east or west but from God, you would have not lobbied to get promoted, if you knew that the doctor is a creature just like you and that God created all of us, you would have believed the God who could make a virgin pregnant, you would have believed the God who gave a baby to Sarah at 90 years old.

If you knew that the bible said in Psalm 72:12 (NKJV). For He will deliver the needy when he cries, the poor also abs him who has no helper. You would have known that all you had to do was cry to God no matter how hopeless the situation looked!

Beloved, your distance from the Word of God is causing you unimaginable pain, if you will open that bible under your pillow and begin to read and discover the overwhelming blessings that God has for you, your life will change!

Every organisation has a staff policy manual, it let's you know your rights and entitlements; your bible tells you what you are entitled to in life, your ignorance is depriving you of a better life! Pick up your bible today and begin to read and ask the Holy Spirit to help you understand.

Your future has just began. You will never be depressed again because the knowledge of the Word will gladden your heart and expose you to all that is yours in Christ Jesus, receive all your blessings by faith!


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Jesus is Lord. Shalom

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  1. Truly, people perish for lack of knowledge. That's just it.they don't know different and think they have no choice. It's all part of the devil's gimmicks.