Friday, July 1, 2016

5 Factors That Makes a Woman Submit

"You this woman have you forgotten who the head of this home is? I am your husband, you will show me respect or..." Nneka stood up and said "or what? Or you will stop paying the rent which you have never paid or pay your children's school fees which you don't even know about or put food on the table in this house?" The only thing you do is to drink and womanize you don't deserve any respect and let me warn you Collins, the day you so much as raise your hand at me is the day this marriage is over"

Many men want the women in their lives to be submissive but women don't just submit, the only time a woman submits is when she sees that you qualify as the head! Women are intuitive and they can see things you cannot see!  What kind of men do women submit to;

1. A Godly man: Man was made from dust but women were made from man's ribs (Genesis 2:22)  women are a miracle, there are deposits of the supernatural in women that's why they are attracted to the spiritual. A true man of God is a magnet for women. If you want that woman to respect you, move closer to God, you won't struggle for it.

2. A provider: Women were created to receive; they were created to receive love, to receive seed, to receive compliments. It is not the job of a woman to put food on the table even if she makes a billion dollars. That is why the bible said that a man who does not provide for his family is worse than an infidel and he has denied the faith. 1 Timothy 5:8

3. A man of integrity: if your woman has to doubt the words of your mouth because you never keep to what you say, you will soon lose respect. Be a man of your words, let her be able to vouch for you. 

4. A loving man: women have no barriers or defenses against love. Women were created to be loved. A man who loves his woman will have her respect for life. That's why the bible commands men to love their wives and she in turn will submit! A man's greatest need is a respectful wife, a woman's greatest need is a loving husband! 

5. A generous man: I am convinced that God treats you the way you treat your wife. Spend good money on your wife, she represents you, her skin must shine, if the cream costs 100k a month buy it, God will bless you! Lavish her with the best things of life, when she is around you, let her know that anything is possible, let her know she can never have a need you cannot meet. The bible says we should love our wives as Christ loved the church and GAVE HIMSELF UP for her! If you need shoes and your wife needs shoes, buy hers and manage what you have.

If you follow these 5 points, you won't have problems with submission. May God help us all in Jesus name. 

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