Monday, May 2, 2016

Stay Away From Critics

I want you to do me a favor and look for one critical person you know; that person who is always complaining and never sees anything good. You will notice one thing about them,  their life is stagnant,  they don't move forward,  they may have the blessings that man can give such as a good job but they cannot access the blessings of God.

Anyone who is never happy about the success of others and who makes the point to constantly see the bad and not the good will never see miracles.  You want to know why?  God hates critical and unthankful people.  The children of Israel spent 40 years in the wilderness because God knew all the critical people had to die before they could enter the promised land. God cannot do much with critical people, even Jesus couldn't perform miracles when He was among critical people.

Accusations and criticism come from the devil and anyone with that kind of attitude belongs to the devil.  Do yourself a favor in this month of May,  avoid,  ignore and stay away from critical people because they don't have anything to offer.

Only hang around those who believe in you and those who encourage you to be better. Everyone has a weakness but don't focus on it,  focus on your strength.  Anyone who constantly points out your weakness or tears you down with words is an enemy,  stay away from those kind of people.

You need a healthy self image,  you must see yourself the way God sees you before you can take the promised land.

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