Saturday, May 14, 2016

Respect That Man

“Baby we need to talk,  the problem is not you,  it’s with me,  I can’t continue with this relationship because there is no future, we can’t spend the rest of our lives together “
Linda looked at Kenny in shock “are you breaking up with me? Wow I can’t believe this!  I am the hottest babe you have ever dated,  where will you find a woman this sexy? Linda turned around slowly. Anyways it’s your loss” Kenny shook his head and said “that’s one of the reasons I am breaking up with you,  you don’t know how to talk to a man,  that’s why I am marrying Juliet, she’s everything you are not! “
Linda locked Kenny’s shirt and said “which Juliet,  that ugly girl in our church? She doesn’t even have any shape or beautiful clothes,  that’s the person that snatched my fiancee? Kenny I will show you crazy today,  I will show you I am not born again, you must marry both of us,  I can never lose to that flat yansh girl, you will marry both of us o,  what will people say? They will laugh at me,  you must marry me o”

Have you ever walked past a very handsome man with a wife that’s not even as good looking as the man and you ask yourself “what did she do to get that kind of man? “ Have you ever seen a gorgeous woman whose husband was snatched by a secretary or a maid?
I will try to explain to the ladies especially how men think. The way women think that a man who gives them attention, meets their needs and is reliable is proof of a man’s love is the way men feel that the woman who shows respects and honor is in love wirh them!
Men find respect very sexy.  Wives need to be careful, no woman should honor and respect your husband more than you! How do you show respect for your man?  There are many men who have messed things up and because of that it’s hard to respect or follow them but if you see a responsible man with the fear of God,  let him lead! Don’t feel you have to argue with everything he says,  don’t make it look like its a war and he’s trying to conquer you to submission.
You may be smarter than him but let the words you speak be coated with love and respect.  The Bible says about the proverbs 31 woman,  the law of kindness is on her lips.
Let me tell you a secret,  your man reacts to what you call him!  If you call him a useless man,  he will show you how useless men behave.  If you call him a king,  he will starve to make sure you always get the best. Could it be that your man is treating you the way he does because of what you call him?
May God grant us wisdom in Jesus name. Amen

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