Friday, May 27, 2016

Madam, Don't Relax!

“ You are not going out of this house today if you are not taking me along! Is it your secretary you married? Are you sleeping with her?  We are going together or else you are not leaving this house”
James and Jane started from the scratch and they stuck together through the days of little beginnings, God began to bless James and in no time he became a very successful man and a celebrity travelling all over the world.
Jane had always been an introvert and as her husband became more successful,  she stayed back home to manage the home front, she was very comfortable and she spent a lot of time eating and watching movies. Every time James came back from a trip, he was always angry with her,  he would tell her how she needed to go to the gym and do something with her life, he would show her pictures of his business associates who were women.
Jane would get angry and accuse him of flirting with many women and they would resolve the issue but matters go to a boiling point when James got a new secretary,  the young lady was very beautiful and sophisticated and Jane was afraid because she sensed she could lose her husband. She asked James to fire her but he wouldn’t , she began to accuse him of infidelity and to make life hell for him.  James was a Christian and he wouldn’t cheat on his wife or divorce her but he was just very sad at all the drama going on in his life.

I want to talk to married women this morning. You struggled with that man,  you fed him,  washed his clothes,  encouraged him and when God began to bless him, you relaxed and began to enjoy the money. You saw that the older your husband was getting, the more attention he paid to his looks,  he wouldn’t eat certain foods any longer because he wanted to remain slim,  he didn’t even want to have a pot belly. You on the other hand will tell the cook to prepare any food that catches your attention on Food Channel, you don’t work out and you don’t care about how you look now you are so fat that one side of the bed goes down when you sit or lie down on it,  you have not fixed your hair or your nails in months,  you don’t dress attractive any longer,  you just roll all over the house like a big ball in your boubou and now you are jealous of secretaries and business partners.  Deep down you know he is not cheating on you but you are just insecure!
Do yourself a favour before you ruin  your marriage , hit the gym,  clean up  your looks,  change your wardrobe, start your own  projects, be interested in his business,  let him want to take you out! If you don’t make the conscious effort to make your marriage work it can crash! The Bible says in Proverbs 14:1 (NLT)  The wise woman builds her home, but a foolish woman tears it down with her own hands.
As your husband is moving up,  move up too,  don’t lose interest,  become whatever he is becoming,  don’t lose your relevance!

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