Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The Test Before The Testimony

Elijah had just called  down fire from heaven and shortly after that,  he had caused rain to fall in Israel again after 3 years,  he must have felt really anointed but one message from Jezebel changed all of that,  she threatened Elijah by saying she would cut off his head.  Elijah ran for his life!  How does a man who  performed such notable miracles and killed thousands of Baal’s prophets run from a woman who threatened him?
Jehovah had led the children of Israel out of Egypt with notable signs and miracles, the Israelis practically ruined Egypt financially and just when they began to relax, the enemy came after them.  They had the red sea in front of them and the Egyptians at the back,  their case seemed hopeless; there was nowhere to turn.

David and his men had just come back from battle, they got home and discovered that the Amalekites had raided their land and gone away with everything including their wives and children.  David’s men were weary and they were talking of stoning David, all they had ever known since they started following him was trouble,  even David was in tears.

Beloved there are times in life when you are enjoying the faith walk,  things are running on rails and suddenly an ugly situation rears its head, you didn’t expect to face that kind of challenge at the middle of your walk with God.  Most times,  the situation may be intimidating and the impact may depress you but I want you to be smart and you must never forget that GOD IS FAITHFUL!  God planned it on purpose! He set you up for greater miracles!  At the end of the episode with Jezebel,  Elijah was taken to heaven and Elisha anointed the man who killed Jezebel. For the Israelis,  Jehovah parted the red sea and all of Pharaoh’s army were destroyed. David encouraged himself in God and he pursued and recovered all,  three days later he was anointed king of Israel.

There is a promotion and a miracle at the flip side of that challenge,  it is the test before the testimony,  it is the test before the money! Make sure you pass in flying colours,  this is the time to dance before God , let Him know through your attitude that you have confidence in Him.  That challenge is to announce the grace on your life,  fear not! God is with you,  be not be dismayed,  He is your God, He will strengthen you,  He will help you and uphold you with the right hand of His righteousness.  Isaiah 41:10-13.

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  1. You are right.challenges should not be unexpected or even unwelcome.