Tuesday, May 10, 2016

God Can Keep You In Beautiful Houses

I feel stirred to share my accommodation miracles with someone,  especially those who are based in Abuja and going through accommodation challenges.  Abuja is a very unique place because the cost of accommodation is crazy high but guess what?  Jesus is the Most High!

We moved to Abuja in 2005 from Ibadan when my father was appointed a Federal Commissioner and we stayed at Wuse 2 for the next 5 years.  I didn’t like Abuja houses because they were tiny: for 21 years of my life I lived in a 6 bedroom mansion,  lots of room and lots of space and suddenly I was living in a 3 bedroom but to Abuja’s standard,  living at Wuse 2 and paying 1.5 million a year in 2005 meant that life was good.
In 2010, I lost my dad and by 2011, we needed to renew the house rent. At that time I was an intern and my salary was 50k a month.  My mum was shuttling between Abuja and Ekiti but she could decide to be at our country home.  My brother,  my sister and my cousin were the ones at the house and if we put all our salary together,  it wasn’t even up to a million Naira.  I had never had to worry about house rent all my life and it really disturbed me but as I was praying and reading my Bible, the Holy Spirit asked me to go and tell my mum that the house rent would be sorted,  I don’t think she believed me because everyone was just buzzing about getting a cheaper place,  that was the right thing to do right?  But going through my Bible I found a scripture in Psalm 68:5 (NKJV) A Father of the fatherless,  a defender of widows is God in His holy habitation!  That word jumped at me as I read my Bible and peace flooded my mind. From that moment,  I would wake up in the midnight and praise God for His word. When I got back from the office on the day we were supposed to make payments, everything was sorted out.  I lived in that house till 2012 when I was transferred to Benin and my salary was 50k yet I was living  in a 1.5 million Naira house at a choice location in town! If ) are a child of God, never, ever base your quality of life on the money you earn! You will be short-changing yourself .

You remember I told you about my love for big houses right?  There is this scripture in the Bible I had been confessing forever,  it’s in Deuteronomy 6:11 Houses full of all good things which you did not fill.
Normally my workplace would give us accommodation allowance but for some reason they decided to rent a house for us.  There was this beautiful 5 bedroom that was proposed,  my supervisor didn’t like it but I loved it,  the organization furnished everything down to the mattress and it was mostly according to my taste!  For the next 2 years,  I stayed in that house without knowing what house rent was,  we were paying 1.1 million in Benin for that beautiful house at GRA Benin.

In 2014, I was transferred back to Abuja after a conspiracy without any allowances or benefits and we were given 2 months to leave the Benin house. I came back to Abuja and I slept on my friend’s couch for a week or two when suddenly my brother got a gorgeous apartment and he asked that my wife and I could move in till we sorted ourselves out.  The office gave us 2 months but God sorted us out in 3 weeks!  That’s how we moved to Abuja and we were working on getting an apartment.
You see because of the places I had lived using my faith,  I wasn’t going to settle for less than God’s best,  apartments around that area was in millions, the one we were staying was 2.1 million  a year but then I found a scripture in Philippians 4:19 And my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus!  Wow!  So there was an account holding the RICHES of Christ Jesus that could be drawn from ANYTIME  I had a need! You see if President Buhari wanted to get you a house, you wouldn’t go to Jikwoi,  you would look for a befitting house at Maitama or Asokoro and that’s exactly what I did!

I started buying house things for a 3 bedroom,  we didn’t make any small plans,  we bought TV, furniture, gas cooker and  even filled the gas yet we didn’t have an apartment but we were expectant.  I would wake up at 3am and just dance and praise God for one hour and sometimes I would be so carried away in God’s presence that I wouldn’t want to stop.

I got home from work one evening and the lady on the ground floor of my brother’s apartment was moving out,  she had over 6 months left on her rent yet she was moving out. I suddenly felt the need to go and talk to her even though I had never said more than “hello” to her in the past.  It turned out that a burglar came into her apartment, carried her TV,  drank water from her fridge and left!  Since that time she said she’s been sleeping and waking up with fear and she wouldn’t stay another night in that apartment.  She asked me if I wanted the apartment and I confirmed that I did. We worked out a deal and that’s how we moved downstairs from my brother’s apartment upstairs! The same burglar tried to come back but this time around,  he couldn’t even do more than scale the fence! God has kept me in beautiful houses all my life,  He can do the same for you!

Ladies and gentlemen,  God can sort you out!  Hold on to His word,  it will not fail!

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