Sunday, December 13, 2015

You Were Born To Create Wealth

"Mr Eugene, due to the economic crisis in the world, we are sorry that we will have to terminate your contract"
Eugene was downcast, he had a lot of bills to pay; school fees, house rent and many more, how was he going to survive?
Eugene got home and told his wife he had lost his job, she hugged him and encouraged him; "God will take care of us" she said.
Eugene began to think of what he could do, there was only one thing he enjoyed doing, he was a portrait artist, his portraits were so good they looked like photographs but he didn't know how he would convert it to money.
Eugene was praying when God told him to paint the portrait of all governors in the 36 states of Nigeria and upload them on Facebook. Eugene got to work and it took him 2 months then he uploaded the pictures. Eugene was not prepared for what happened next, Linda Ikeji was the first to post the pictures on her blog and from there it went viral. Eugene made a fortune from the pictures and since then he has been booked from year to year, he is the most sought after portrait artist in Nigeria today.
The bible says in Deuteronomy 8:18a You shall remember the Lord your God for it is He who gives you the power to get wealth.
There is such a thing as an ability or power to create wealth. There is a wealth that you are supposed to create based on the things God has placed inside of you. Mark Zuckerberg created his own wealth when he started Facebook. The desire of God for your life is to start something that will change your world and those of the people around you.
There is something that God has put in you that people are willing to pay for, ask God to reveal the treasures He has placed in you, you are more valuable than you think, you are more important than you realize. You are a light in a tunnel, you are water to thirsty souls. Ask God to reveal your true identity, may we all fulfill purpose in Jesus name.

My 20 year dream is to see the Gospel preached to a billion people through the social media. You too can be a social media evangelist, kindly share and repost this Gospel of Jesus Christ so that others can be blessed just like you have been blessed. Thank you for reading. Shalom
Jesus is Lord

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  1. Wow, I'll ask Lord to reveal my true identity so that I could feel myself fully fulfilled and realized in the life! Thanks for precious and insightful thoughts!