Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Pay Attention To Personal Grooming

"Who is the prisoner called Joseph?" Joseph looked around and hesitated then he raised up his hands "I am the one sir". The guard looked at him from head to toe and was surprised, the man was a Jew, what would the most powerful man in the world want to do with a Jewish prisoner. " Come quickly, the Pharaoh commands that you appear before him at once"
Joseph had dreamt about this moment all his life and it had come! He had the solution to Pharaoh's problem because Yahweh had revealed it to him in a dream. He looked at his clothes and he touched his beards then he said "please I need a change of clothes and I need to shave my beard". The guard wanted to get angry but he didn't want to piss off someone whom the Pharaoh was interested in, he simply nodded.
Joseph appeared before Pharaoh and revealed his dream, the next thing that happened is the stuff of legend; a 30 year old Jewish prisoner became the most powerful man in Egypt!
Beloved I want you to take note of certain things; Joseph had the solution to Pharaoh's problem but he did not appear in the presence of Pharaoh until he looked presentable!
Little keys open big doors; pay attention to personal grooming, pay attention to your clothes, your hair, your breath. People see you before they hear what you have to say! You could have the solution to the world crisis but if you don't look presentable and smell presentable nobody will give you an audience!
If you have ever been in the presence of someone with mouth odor, you know you don't want them around you no matter how brilliant they may be.
A day of favour is worth a thousand days of labour, if favour is important to you, you will pay attention to how people see you. May we not chase favour away in Jesus name.

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Jesus is Lord

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