Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Train That Child!

"We are sorry to inform you that your son is on drugs and he has to be checked into a rehabilitation home"
Gbenga and Ronke could not believe their ears, how did things get to this level? They were very devoted Christians and they took their children to church everyday since they were toddlers, how could this be happening?
There are many wayward and irresponsible children from very good homes, you would be shocked at the kinds of people you find doing drugs, prostitution and lots of illegal activities. What could have gone wrong? These are children who were dedicated in church and whom their parents are even pastors and highly respected members of the community.
The bible says in Proverbs 22:6 (ESV) 
Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.

Most parents are too busy to TRAIN their children, they simply take them to church as many times as possible and then they focus on other things. 
The word "train" means "to coach in or accustom to a mode of behavior or performance"

Have you ever heard of a coach who didn't have time for his players? That's what it is when parents are busy with other things and have no time to train their children.
Have you ever wondered how successful your daughter or son will be if he or she knows from 2 years old that out of any money they are given the first percentage is tithes and offerings, the second percentage is for savings, the 3rd percentage is for investment and the rest can be spent on any other thing they desire?!
If you were taught from as early as 2 years old to live this way, your life will be way better than it is today!
King Solomon was so successful because even as busy as his father King David was, he spent time coaching his son. This is what King Solomon said when he had grown up;Proverbs 4:3-9 (MSG)
When I was a boy at my father’s knee,
the pride and joy of my mother,
He would sit me down and DRILL me:
“Take this to heart. Do what I tell you—live!
Sell everything and buy Wisdom! Forage for Understanding!
Don’t forget one word! Don’t deviate an inch!

Your children are your succession plan! If you are very wealthy right now and you don't take the time to teach your children the principles that got you where you are, you are a failure!
Between the age of 1-5 years old, don't take any job that will take you away from your family for long periods of time, stay close! You were an improvement on the last generation of your family, your children should be an improvement on your generation.
May God help us all in Jesus name.

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