Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Honor The Presence of God

James was chatting with his friend on BBM when his boss came in, he immediately dropped the phone and stood up, his phone began to ring but he quickly put it on silent, it would be disrespectful to answer calls in the presence of his boss.
His boss gave him some instructions and left then he picked his phone and returned the call. He said to his friend who called him "sorry I was with my boss, I can't pick my phone"
Beloved whenever you are in the presence of God either in church or during your private prayer time, you are in the presence of God, you are in the presence of the King of Kings and the Most High God! If you show so much honor to your boss that you don't pick calls in his presence why then do you pick your calls or chat with friends when you are in church or during prayer?
Jeremiah 33:3 (ESV) says Call to me and I will answer you, and will tell you great and hidden things that you have not known.
This means that whenever you say "Father in the name of Jesus" God is attentive to your prayers and you automatically switch from wherever you are to His presence!
Imagine being in the presence of President Buhari and you are talking to him then your phone rings and you say "Mr. President give me a minute". That would be so rude and dishonorable! The same goes for the presence of God, you must be conscious that you are in God's presence and that you have His full attention. This realization will change your attitude and the way you worship God.

My 20 year dream is to see the Gospel preached to a billion people through the social media. You too can be a social media evangelist, kindly share and repost this Gospel of Jesus Christ so that others can be blessed just like you have been blessed. Thank you for reading. Shalom
Jesus is Lord

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