Friday, January 13, 2017

Wisdom For Single Women


Babe, you are beautiful and sexy and you know it. Heads turn when you pass and all kinds of men want to give you a lift on your way to work every morning. You realize you have a choice so you select the best cars, no Toyotas or Hondas only German machines like the Mercedes and BMW and British machines like the Range Rover. 

You chose to ignore that most of these men have a wedding ring on their finger but you don't mind, it's just a lift even though you know there will be more but you wouldn't push it they are boring men anyways with their potbellies and boastful stories.

All of that changed the day you met Richard, you were hoping he wasn't married and when you saw that ring on his finger  you hated his wife immediately, he was rich, young and handsome, any woman's dream, he was a perfect gentleman with a slight British accent. God! Why couldn't I find any single man like this? You thought to yourself. In the meantime you would share Richard with his wife. So when he put his hands on your thighs and slipped it up your skirt one evening you didn't mind, your eyes twinkled and encouraged him. Now you are having a full blown affair with a married man and you don't care. 

I thought you should know that you will reap what you sow and much more than you sow. Visit his Facebook page and check his pictures, he wasn't always that handsome and rich, he met a young woman like you and she encouraged him, helped him and gave him peace of mind to become the man that you are attracted to. If you find a man and build a life with him from scratch he will become the Richard you are having an affair with right now. God is a just God and you will pay for it, nobody knows when but God will pay you back. I just thought you should know these things and maybe it will help you think about your actions. 

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