Saturday, January 21, 2017

Do You Honor God With Money

If pastor was to tell everyone to raise their offering without the envelopes would you be proud of your offering?

You work 24/7/365 to get money at the end of the month, the prostitute stays on the road alone at midnight to get money, the armed robber steals to get money! 

Money is the biggest motivator of man! You give a good part of your life every year to earn money! Even the armed robber asks you "your money or your life?" Your money is your life! 

If you are a true worshipper, if you truly love God, you will worship God with money! God doesn't spend money but He looks for HONOR! 

Was it when they mentioned offering time that you dipped your hand in your pocket to find anything and then you squeezed it in the offering envelope? God is watching all of these and it is keeping you from getting blessed. 

The bible says in Malachi 1:6 

“A son honors his father, and a servant his master. If then I am a father, where is my honor? And if I am a master, where is my fear? 

Do you honor God with your tithes and offerings? You may ask how do I honor God with my tithes and offerings?

1. Let it be the first money you remove every week and let it be the cleanest notes. I change my offering to dollars every service. The bible says we should give God the first and the best. 

2. Keep it apart. Your tithes and offering is not money you borrow from and return, honor God, don't even touch it. 

3. Give God your best. Your offering should not be less than your internet subscription and DSTV.  

4. The higher your offering, the higher comes back to you. The bible says in Luke 6:38 give and it will come back to you, the amount you give determines the amount you will get back.

This is an apocalypse, a deep secret, if God didn't reveal it you will never know it. Do yourself a favor, begin to reverence God with money and watch your life move forward in Jesus name. 

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