Friday, January 27, 2017

If She Stayed With You, Honor Her

I grew up in a beautiful 6 bedroom on three floors, my father was the most stylish man I knew, he was British trained and of course a British culture, I got my love of clothes, books, perfumes and Mercedes from him.  He loved flowers, we had beautiful gardens in all our houses, he loved Jazz, country music and blues. He was a successful businessman and later went into politics, he was a Federal Commissioner at the Revenue Mobilization  till he died in 2010. My father was a grand man, he was larger than life, if you needed anything he would tell you to go and pray and after that he would give you whatever you wanted.

That was what the picture of a father and a husband looked like to me. I wasn't one of the men that believed a woman should suffer with her husband, I believed a man should make his own money and leave his wife's money alone.

I said all of this to explain why I appreciate my wife so much. I wasn't one of the men that expected a woman to stay with you when you are starting up, to sleep on the mattress on the floor with you and enter cabs with you, I didn't plan to do that with any woman. To me it's unfair to let a woman go through all of that but my wife and I went through it and not once did I lose respect in her eyes because I didn't have a car or an apartment yet. Even with our mattress on the floor she called me "my king"

Men if you find a woman who stood by you when you had nothing do yourself a favor, honor her, give her the best, take her seriously, make her happy. It's easy for women to tell you how well you dress and how good you look right now but one woman loved you when you had nothing. That is the woman to stay with and be loyal to for the rest of your life!

Today whatever my wife wants she gets, she doesn't have a budget 😁, her desires will never be unanswered because she paid her dues.

Men don't expect a woman to stay with you when you have nothing because many women have done it and when money came the man changed but if you find one that stays, make sure you are eternally grateful to her, it is a debt you must pay for the rest of your life.

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