Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Honor Your Father and Your Mother

“My son how are you? When are you coming to visit me?  I don’t have any food in the house and I need to go to the hospital”.  Ben hissed on the phone “mama what’s your problem, I told you I will come when I am free,  right now I have a business deal I am pursuing,  manage till I come” Ben cut the phone, he couldn’t be really bothered about some old woman,  her time had passed,  it was his time to enjoy life,  she didn’t fit into his present world with all his millionaire friends,  she was a reminder of where he was coming from and he had to stay away from that past as much as possible.

Three days later, Ben got a call that his mother had died.  He was a little bit sad but suddenly he saw an opportunity to throw a party. He sent out invitations to his friends and hosted a lavish burial.  Some of his uncles came to meet him and said “when this woman was alive you didn’t take care of her now she’s dead and you are throwing a party with the kind of money you never gave her,  God will judge you”Ben was returning to Lagos after the party when he had an accident and died.

All very successful people have one thing in common,  they take care of their parents both physical and spiritual.  The Bible says in Exodus 20:12 that we should honor our parents so that it may be well with us and we will live long in the land  that God has given us.  This commandment is the first commandment with a promise , it’s a covenant commandment,  if you treat your parents well,  it will be well with you,  what if you don’t treat them well?  You will have problems all the days of your life and you will not live long.  The word “honor” is from the Greek word “Timios” which means “of great price,  precious” do you see your parents that way?  Do you appreciate all they have done to make you the man or woman you have become?

For me,  I don’t refuse my mother anything she asks for.  Anything she desires is done!  When was the last time you bought your parents a gift? Do you take care of them?  Maybe that’s the part of your life God is waiting for you to do something about before He answers your prayers.
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