Saturday, June 25, 2016

6 Reasons I Married My Wife

Nneka hugged her husband Nelson as he wrapped his arms around her waist, he couldn't help but thank God for his wife and subconsciously, he said "thank God I married you". She looked at him and smiled delightedly then she kissed him. Suddenly a mischievous look came on her face and she said "tell me why you married me". Nelson paused for a minute as he began to gather his thoughts.

One or more times, this topic will come up, your partner will ask you. I will try to share the reasons why I married my wife and I believe it will bless someone.

1. Respect and Honor: My wife treated me better than any woman on the face of the earth apart from my mum. She had no competition, she would call me "my king" that name is still a mumu button ๐Ÿ˜.  She wasn't calling me king because I had a lot of money then or anything, she just knew by instinct.  Men, marry a woman who treats you better than yourself.

2. The fear of God: When a woman loves you but doesn't fear God, she will go and see white garment prophets to pray or she will do juju to help you. We made up our minds not to have pre marital sex and God helped us. A woman who doesn't fear God will begin to suspect that you are running from her because you are either impotent or there is another girl and she will try to seduce you.  If you are a Christian, don't even think of dating an unbeliever you will get hurt.

3. She believes in me: She is my ride or die chic. Many men can't tell their wives what their account balance is and many women don't trust their husband's judgement so they argue and rebel. My wife trusts me 100% although she argues about Telemundo and Zee World (can't stand those channels๐Ÿ˜“).  I am a man of faith and we have done many "crazy" stuff in our walk of faith but God has always honored us. If you are a man of faith and your wife is not, you are in trouble.

Don't EVER or even touch a woman with a critical spirit or a woman who doesn't see your greatness or believes in you. If she feels she's smarter than you and talks down on you run away from that kind of woman.

4. I find her irresistible: My wife is the sexiest woman in the world to me. Men,  don't marry a woman who doesn't tickle your fancy. If you think another woman is hotter than your wife, you will be in trouble. My wife has no competition in that department ๐Ÿ˜œ.

5. Security: Don't ever touch an insecure woman, she will suspect the house help, the secretary and God help you if you have female business associates she will frustrate them. My wife is the most secure woman I know, she is so comfortable in who she is.

6. Peace of mind: it's been bliss all the way. I love coming home because there is so much peace. Don't marry a drama queen, if she has any kind of drama, be very careful and watch her. A drama queen is no good, she will bring sorrow to your life.

This is all I can think of right now. If you find these in any woman, you are on the right track.

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