Sunday, June 5, 2016

God Cares About Your Clothes

“You no de go church? “ Martins asked his friend Felix.  “ I no de go abeg,  I no get clothe wear,  I have been wearing the same trouser to church for 6 months.” Martins laughed and said “follow me to my house and I will change your wardrobe for you”. Martins gave Felix five suits,  five shoes, seven shurts and many other things.  Felix was so happy and surprised because Martins wasn’t earning a lot of money but he had lots of clothes. “My friend I know your salary how come you have so much clothes?”

Martins laughed and said “God cares about all the things you think He doesn’t bother about.  Did you know that the Lord God (Adonai which represents God The Owner of Everything that is,  God in all His weight and glory). This same name Adonai was the name that God used when He killed an animal and made clothes for Adam and Eve. Thus God was the first fashion designer in the Bible. (Genesis 3:21) The Bible did not say a cloth but clothes! Which means Adam and Eve  had more than one pair of clothes. Jesus also told us in Matthew 6:30  that if God clothes the grass why then do you think He won’t clothe you?  If you need clothes,  dash out the old ones and release your faith,  you will be shocked at what God will do.

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