Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Toyosi and Kayode: My Life is Yours

Kayode is a great guy, he has been a friend for many years. In all of those years, I never saw Kayode introduce any woman but when he came visiting sometime ago, he introduced Toyosi as 'bae'. I knew this was serious, Kayode must have found the One! We wish Toyosi and Kayode all the happiness in the world and much more.  

Kayode and Toyosi thought to share their pre wedding pictures and story with us. Enjoy...

How We Met


Hmmm...(smiles), Kayode and I met through a naughty friend of mine(Fiyin),who called me to gist me about this distant cousin of hers.

 She felt we would be a perfect match and would like me to give her the permission to release my digits. 

I laughed my head off when she told me because another  friend of mine (Oyinye) just tried match making me on the same day with a friend of hers too.

 Kay and I started talking, he became a friend, then a confidant and then one thing led to another.

Kayode's Story

Just met this distant cousin of mine (Fiyin) not too long ago and we got gisting about marriage and all and I told her I would really love to meet a lady who knows the difference between her right hand and left hand.

 She was silent that day but called me a couple of days later to tell me she might have the right person for me but gave me strict instructions not to try to impress her but be natural because there’s very little a man can do to sway her off her balance.
 After much persuasion she agreed to speak with me and after speaking with her for a couple of days, I knew  this young lady really knows what she want and can call any man’s bluff off including man’s bluff off including mine.

 We started talking, fixed a couple of dates and I know wonder why it took me so long to lure met her. But then I’m glad she’s mine and mine alone now.

The Proposal

Proposing to Toyosi was not an easy task because she is a very observant and sharp babe virtually nothing passes by her without her becoming suspicious. I planned two different proposals and none came to futility because she kept telling me she knew what I was planning.
 An opening presented itself when we travelled together for a family friend’s function in Ibadan and I decided to maximise it since she was busy, I had spoken to a childhood friend of mine Tobi Babalola and his cousin Junior, about my intention but I had to wait patiently for the perfect time because she doesn’t like being the centre of attraction. 

 I asked her to get me a bottle of water outside and before she came back, I had the room ready for what I wanted to do. She came in to see me on one knee holding a ring immediately my intention became obvious she ran out the door and i heard her miming to herself. I called her to come back and when she did, I said my vows to her, asked if she would love to spend the rest of her life with me, she said yes and the rest is history.

(Covers her face)  It was one night like that in Ibadan, we went for a function and I was really stressed up although I knew there was something going on around me , I was too distracted to pin-point what it was.

 I was downstairs in my own hotel room when he called me to come see something upstairs, I reluctantly went because I was fagged out. On entering, he told me to please get him bottled water from another friend on the next room, only for me to get back to see the light had been switched off, scented candles were lit and I saw rose petals all round too.

 It then dawned on me that it was the moment that would change my life forever. I ran outside  and started asking myself what I should do ( I wanted to run away actually), I heard him calling me, I went back, he said some very special words to me that day, asked me to be his wife and I said yes and that was it. 

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  1. Funny..she started asking herself what she should do.lool.

    They look beautiful together. God bless their union!