Thursday, October 8, 2015

Celebrating Oud Perfume Distributors #OudStories

A few months ago, Asibi walked into my office and signed up as a Oud perfume  distributor. I asked her why she was signing up, she told me she was a lawyer but she wanted some other business she could do on the side, she also confided in me that she was emptying her account to be a part of this business so it had better be as I said it 😅. 

3 days later, she called me and said she had made the money she invested back plus profits. Till date, she's been making money almost everyday because she signed up as a Oud perfume distributor!

It's not smart to get paid only 12 times in 365 days and it's better to own a lucrative business than tolerate a job where they treat you like a slave. Change your story today, call or whatsapp 08038519881 

#JesusMoney  #ArabMoney #OudMoney #AGratefulHeart #IncreaseOnEverySide #ThankYouJesus

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