Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Dont Grumble, Apply Wisdom

"Ahan how can they slash our salary, what they were paying was not much before now they have slashed it again, this life is hard o"

Wilson watched as all his colleagues complained about the new salary structure, he had a wife and 3 children and he knew that the slash would affect his family. Wilson wanted to quit the job but the Holy Spirit asked him to stay and also gave him an instruction. He was to give the first salary he received after the slash to church. The salary was not enough now he had to give it again, how would his family survive? Wilson wanted to cast the voice away but he knew the voice of the Holy Spirit.

It was a struggle for Wilson to give the money in church but he did. Wilson got to the office on Monday morning and they told him that one of his senior colleagues had resigned because of the cut in salary and he had been promoted. The salary was double what he was earning in the past. While others were struggling, Wilson had more than enough.

The bible says in Ecclesiastes 10:15 (ESV) The toil of a fool wearies him for he does not know the way to the city.

The difference between the rich and the poor is in the quality of their decisions. What is going on in your life? Money problems? Take the little money you have and send it on an errand, take it to church and tell God what you want to happen. When God wanted to destroy the earth, he instructed Noah in Genesis 6:19 to bring in two of every living thing both male and female. You must have thought that for God to populate the earth after the flood he would need a lot of people and animals but just like in the beginning, God populated the earth again from one family and two of every living thing.

God's concept of multiplication is to take something small and increase it greatly. That little you have may not seem much but it will increase if you apply the laws of God. Stop whining over your salary or money, you decide how much you will earn, not your boss, not your business but through your decision to operate the principles of sowing and reaping that God endorsed in the bible.

Beloved, there is another economy! It is the economy of heaven, there is no lack and there is always more than enough. If I were you, I would embrace that economy, I would do business with God with whatever is not enough and the first of every financial increase in my life and watch God multiply it.

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