Friday, May 15, 2015


Genesis 26:22 (NLT) Abandoning that one, Isaac moved on and dug another well. This time there was no dispute over it, so Isaac named the place Rehoboth (which means "open space"), for he said, "At last the LORD has created enough space for us to prosper in this land."
Have you been facing contentions all of your life? When you have a beautiful/ handsome boyfriend / girlfriend, there was contention, when you got a job, there was contention, when you got married, all those girls with toothpick legs in his office started contending with you.
I have come with a word from the Throne of Grace, God said to tell you that you are entering into rest, He is taking you into a place of peace and prosperity, He is breaking the back bone of all those who have been contending against you, you are entering into a season of abundance. The storm is over! It's your season of laughter!
He also told me to warn you not to relax and you should not stop praying and putting Him first, you shouldn't stop doing the things that got you to this place. If you heed His voice, you will never go down, your path will shine ever brighter. He who has an ear, let him ear what the Spirit is saying.‪#‎ThankYouJesus
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Jesus is Lord. Shalom

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