Friday, May 29, 2015

Linda Ikeji and the Campaign for Gays and Transsexuals

Linda Ikeji’s blog is no doubt one of the most widely read blogs in Nigeria and all over Africa. She has inspired lots of people all over the world to start blogs as well. She is a genius at what she does and she is a great inspiration to me.

However, I have been appalled in recent times by the campaign for gays and transsexuals Linda Ikeji has been promoting. Only today, Friday May 29, 2015, she uploaded a story about a father and son who got married after the son’s adoption was dissolved.  Nigeria has made it clear that Nigeria is anti –gay, why does this woman continue to promote these obscenities? I am very disappointed at this woman who claims she comes from a good Christian family. There are lots of young people who read her blog and I suspect she has been approached by the gay community to clandestinely promote their cause through her blog.

I call on all bible believing Christians and all Nigerians and Africans who hold the sanctity of their children and generations yet unborn dear to call this woman to order, if she continues to post these stories unchecked, she will continue to influence the perception of Nigerian teenagers and youths who in the future will feel there is nothing wrong with being gay, the truth is that homosexuality is demonic and it only leads to destruction.

Let us speak with one voice and call to order this Jezebel who seeks to desecrate our nation through the promotion of sodomy and Babylonian tendencies.

Jesus is Lord in Nigeria.

Adewale Aladejana


  1. She has freedom to inform and we have freedom to be informed Adewale. We must be careful not to 'religionize' the media no matter how noble the idea is to our religious sentiments. What we need is free press not 'what one person or group thinks is right' press The solution is not to attack Linda but to provide cleaner substitutes like this blog. The solution is to take-over.

    1. I totally agree with you, you may want to consider why her freedom of information is used to promote some causes like the Gays, Lesbians and Transexuals while on the other hand she is bashing churches and men of God. She is clearly promoting an agenda and part of our responsibility is to alert the world to this agenda. We should not just sit back and say she's simply exercising her freedom.