Saturday, May 30, 2015

How To Stop Cheating On Your Wife

Richard sat at the edge of the bed with his hands on his head. "What's wrong Sugar?" Tracy asked with mischief in her eyes, he smiled back and said he was fine.

The truth is James was not fine, he was an elder in his church and a married man with a son and here he was in the arms of another woman.

 It had started innocently enough; a meeting at a conference led to exchange of numbers and then he collected her BBM pin and they had started chatting. He had to change her name on his phone and he deleted their chats so his wife would not suspect.

Now here he was in her arms, he had tried to stop talking to her but something kept drawing him, he found her irresistible.

The sexcapades continued for a while until his wife found out; she had been suspecting that something was wrong, he was no longer attentive to her and their son, he was always hiding his phone and picking "business calls" at odd hours.

All hell was let loose, he lost the trust of his wife and his beautiful home was no longer peaceful. He didn't feel like going home anymore because they fought all the time and he couldn't concentrate at work: he had lost 2 major deals in one month and now he was on probation. Richard could see everything he had worked hard for go down the drain. What should Richard do?

The biggest problem with Christians today is their unwillingness to share their struggles and challenges, everyone pretends to be the perfect christian. If you are going through Richard's challenge, do the following;

1.Please seek help, find a man of God, you can talk to, a problem shared is half solved

2. Keep your distance from the woman: don't deceive yourself by thinking you can lead her to Christ in your state. You cannot cast out the devil you are sleeping with.

3. Approach your wife and explain everything to her, let her know you need her support.

4. Pray; many people feel unworthy to come to God at this time but God wants you anyhow. Pray for grace to stand firm and resist temptation. May God help us all in Jesus name.


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Jesus is Lord. Shalom

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