Friday, May 15, 2015

Busola & Goke: When 2 Hearts Beat As One

If I ever met angels, they must have been these two sweethearts. They are such a  kind hearted couple and it fills my heart with joy that they have made it thus far. It also confirms the fact that God indeed gives people the kind of partner they deserve. Busola and Goke deserve each other. I am so happy for you guys. Enjoy their beautiful story...

Busola's Story

I met Goke on the 26th of July, 2013 in Abuja. I won't say I met him by luck but...
My sister had a friend's wedding to attend in Abuja and instead of being bored in Lagos, I decided to try a totally different city for the weekend since I had never been to Abuja.
Fast forward to the evening of getting there, my sister and her friends wanted to hang out and I decided to "tag" along not knowing I was gonna meet my "Mr." that day.

Goke came into the venue along with his friends… funny enough, we had a mutual friend so it was easy for all of us to mingle.

The next day, a friend offered to take me around and so I missed the wedding. In the evening, I called my sis to find out where they were and she said they were hanging out at the mall with their new found friends.

Goke and his friends brought them back to the hotel where we stayed and decided to say hi to the "odd one out". They came upstairs to find "dullapo" sleeping. (Goke calls me that every time because he couldn't imagine me coming to a new city and being asleep at about 6pm instead of exploring). He later offered to take us to the airport the next day and as they say, the rest is history.

He came to Lagos from time to time and (oh I won't forget how Aramanda dulled him when he had planned for us to go for a wedding as a 'couple' but… inside joke).
On the 17th of August, 2014 (about 11 months after we started dating), he popped the big question......
The Proposal

Goke had planned to come to Lagos for an introduction (Siji & Gbemi's). He formed a group on BBM where we and some of our other friends could debate on where to hang out the day after. Different locations kept coming up till we settled for Lekki Leisure Lake. 

The next day, we all headed to Leisure Lake (I remember Goke was particular about the way he wanted me to look but I just couldn't be bothered… if only I knew). Anyway, we got to Leisure Lake and he just kept calling more and more friends to join him there (asides those that were in the BBM group he formed earlier).

I was gisting with him, when he showed me a picture of "the ring" on his phone and said his friend, Damilare just got it for his babe. He even asked if I liked it (eyes rolling). Some minutes after, Damilare came to say he wanted to talk to me for a few minutes… I didn't even suspect a thing.

Fast forward to the hour, Goke came to complain about us having a discussion without him… I begged for 5 extra minutes but he wouldn't have any of that.
He succeeded in dragging me towards the lake and kept asking if I could see what was written on the sand between the lake and the beach. Apparently, his friend had crossed over to write "WILL YOU MARRY ME" on the sand.

For a moment, I won't say I had a blurred vision but I just couldn't see a thing… I remember him struggling with his pocket at some point but it hadn't just registered. LOL….
The moment I realized what it was, I tried to run away (covers face). His friends cameras kept clicking and he brought out a gorgeous ring… after a speech tho (I didn't hear a thing he said before he slipped the ring in).

It then occurred to me why my sister, Bolanle (Goke's nigga like he calls her) had asked a million and one times if I was ready to marry, how she had playfully made me try on a ring (apparently so she could give it to him…), how she wasn't home the day Goke needed to get the ring so she hid it in the cushion in the parlor (she confessed later.. LOL)
OF COURSE I SAID YES! When something is really yours, things just work in your favor"
On the 13th of June, God willing, I'd be walking down the aisle with my love muffin I met on an unplanned trip to Abuja.

Goke's Story

Hmmm. So my cousin (Nike) was in Nigeria for a 3 months attachment and on her last weekend, I arranged to take her out (I remember she had to decline loads of invitations so she could make my outing... Feeling special). I was there along with a couple of my friends because I wanted it to be a memorable one for her, not knowing she won't be the highlight of the day. Muyo, Alesh, Bisoye, Ope and Toye were in attendance. 

Apparently, one of my guys had noticed a table filled with only ladies and was proposing we merge tables but the girls were a bit reluctant (their normal shakara, lol) until one of them noticed me. Apparently, friends with my Ex-May friend (Tolu Falade) whose cousin (Keji) was part of the crew. So they agreed for the merger afterwards since it was already a family affair and we all had fun. We decided to go our separate ways but then, I had noticed one quiet looking "Busola". I didn't make any move tho. My friend Ope volunteered to drop them at their hotel for safety reasons since they didn't know town at all.

The next day, Ope called me to go along with him to the Mall. I was quick to tag along with him (we all know why) only for me to get there and "Madam" wasn't there. "Where is your sister', I asked Bolanle (my day one Nigga) the response I got was 'she is sleeping'. I asked myself why on earth someone will come to Abuja for the first time and be sleeping at 6pm. I suggested we went to their hotel room to look for her trouble and that was it. From that day, we became good friends and later, a confidant. She had all the qualities I wanted in my woman. I couldn't look elsewhere, and I knew I had found her☺️. I couldn't also go to Lagos without first dropping by at her house just to see her face and of course, I cherish every moment we spend together. 

Her mum has a wonderful personality and really made me feel at home not to talk of Tola and Bolanle. They are amazing. Although, it was a tough relationship due to the distance but we trusted God who helped us conquer all.

So I planned to come to Lagos for Siji and Gbemi's family introduction and I informed my guys of my intentions. They all agreed to it and so we formed a BBM group to look for a suitable venue for the so called 'hang out'. Apparently, Busola was a very active member of the group, suggesting venues and plans for the day (she didn't know she was designing a coup for herself, lol). We later settled for Lekki Leisure Lake and I had mobilized all my guys and friends including Gbemi's friends and sisters who were around for the Introduction. I ordered for the ring which was delivered in Lagos as expected. 

On the d-day, all plans were on deck. I remember she was going through my phone pictures and noticed loads of engagement ring pictures; I was quick to brush off any insinuations stating it was for Damilare, who was also planning his wedding but then I asked her if she liked it and she said yes. 

My friend Ara offered to cross the Lake to the other end so he could write 'WILL YOU MARRY ME' on the sand. I couldn't do anything without my nigga there (I'm sure u know who by now), she had gone for her ICAN lectures. On sighting her, I knew it was time. Different questions kept going through my mind both negative and positive, I knew it was fear but deep down I was convinced it was what I wanted.

I called her close to the lake so she could see what Ara had written but when she couldn't; I took the bold step to pop the question. She first took to her heels (shy shy geh) but when she saw the cameras, she knew she had no choice and that was it. I heard 'YES YES YES'.

A very unconventional way to meet 'mon coeur' on her first trip to a strange land. Two factors of course led to this, God's divine direction and his heavenly grace. As humans, we cannot do without these two. I can't wait for June 13 to seal God's perfect plan for our lives.


  1. Oyeteju TejumadeMay 17, 2015 at 3:00 AM

    Congrats dear...God bless this union....may your marriage be filled with God's blessings and unending love....wooosh june13th. #partyyyyyy

  2. Wonderful love story. Congrats dear Aburo

  3. Jumoke Osikoya loves you both.

  4. Awww my darlings!! Goke!!!! Take care of my Bus Bus o. She is very special. Cant wait to come and celebrate with you guys on the 13th. May God bless u both.