Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Pastor Iyke Samuels of HOTR, Benin Endorses Dolu of Nigerian Idol

Good Morning. 
Remember this is your week of Miracles. Be expectant! 
For the past few weeks, I have canvassed for your vote and you have graciously given them me. The vote is for my daughter, my music minister who is in the #NigerianIdol season 5.

There is good news; Dolu made it to the top 4 and I am back again to beg passionately for your votes. If there is a way you can increase your votes I will greatly appreciate that. 
From top 4 she goes into Top 3 and those will be the finalists.  She will not just make it to top 3; she will be crowned the winner. I know this because I trust you and I know that you will make voting for her go viral.

Below are some important info concerning Dolu's progress and details;

1. Please use her pictures on social media

2. Her voting code is 509 to 33680. Send 509 as an SMS to 33680. 
There are no limits, send till infinity and God will bless you! 
Let the very generous givers give her 20,000, 10,000, 5,000 etc naira SMS time. A vote is only 50naira.

Dolu: 509 to 33680 is fully endorsed by me. 
It makes every sense to cast our votes for a decent, godly and talented lady. 


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