Sunday, August 21, 2016

Who Is Your Father?

Gregory had been a Christian for years but his life was miserable and he was frustrated, he was broke and nothing was happening in his life until the day he stepped into a particular church. If felt as though the pastor knew the story of his life and from that day he didn't go to any other church and his life changed forever.

Ladies and gentlemen, you don't belong to every church, you belong somewhere. Just like you have a natural father, God has also given you a spiritual father in your pastor.  How do you know your spiritual father? Even before you say a word to him he can read your life like a book and he will tell you things about your future  that will sound like a lie but keep breathing they will come to pass.

Your spiritual father will treat you like a son and you will know without a doubt that he is your father, you will be able to tell his difference amongst a million men and pastors.

Another thing that will begin to happen to you is that you will begin to prosper and when things seem difficult, a word of prayer from your spiritual father will turn things around.

Once you feel that connection with any man of God move very close! That is your spiritual father, sons honor their fathers so your role is to honor him and the blessings will flow.

I pray God helps you to locate your spiritual father like I have found mine in Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo.  Happy Sunday.

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