Sunday, August 28, 2016

Be Sensitive

I used to buy some accessories for perfumes at a store in Abuja whenever a client made an order and my cargo had not come in and I began to notice some strange things happening.   I discovered that I couldn't gather enough money to buy these accessories whenever I was sending money to the Middle East for perfumes.  I am very conscious of the anointing on my life; everything I touch multiplies, EVERYTHING! 

I was buying every other thing in bulk except for these accessories because the money would not just add up and I began to pray about it and then the Holy Spirit told me to never buy anything from that shop again and if I ran out before my cargo came I should tell my clients to wait. The Holy Spirit then revealed to me that the owner of the shop has a demonic altar where he places money, anyone who buys from him will always come back for more and will always need him. Wow! 

So I stopped and suddenly I could order in bulk for those accessories just like I order perfumes. 

The Holy Spirit is a revealer of secrets, you have to be sensitive, business is not normal and people are desperate to keep clients. Begin to notice trends in the places you eat, where you shave your hair, where you work. Can you identify a pattern? The Holy Spirit will reveal secrets to you in Jesus name.  Happy Sunday.


  1. WOW! WOW! WOW! This is so deep Sir. I will be forwarding this to as many friends as possible, particularly those in business. More Grace

  2. You are right. This has happened to me on various occasions especially as regards food given to me and eating in canteens, and mixing money with others.
    Stuff like " ajo " can be counter productive where you end up borrowing money sef to pay the ajo, if you mix money with some demonic kind of people.
    You start wondering why you are borrowing instead of saving.
    I stopped sharp sharp.