Friday, November 20, 2015

There Is A Superior Covenant

"Sweetheart, I have 500,000 Naira with me, I went to borrow the money from my uncle but I am afraid o, you are going to America, how am I sure you will come back and marry me?"
Segun looked at Abeni and smiled "I am grateful to Ogun (god of iron) that he gave me such a beautiful and good woman, if you have doubts, let us do a blood covenant and swear before Ogun that if I don't marry you, I will never father a child in the world".
Abeni and Segun went to the shrine of the Ogun priest and they slashed each other's thumb with a razor blade then Segun licked Abeni's blood from her thumb and Abeni licked Segun's blood and they swore; Segun swore that if he didn't come back to marry Abeni, he would never have a child on earth while Abeni swore that if she cheated or married another man apart from Segun, she too would be barren for life.
Segun left for the U.S. and Abeni remained in the village. Segun kept in touch frequently and sent her money, clothes, shoes and bags frequently. One day, Segun was invited to a church by a friend and as he listened, he was convinced that he should give his life to Jesus; when they made the altar call, he was the only person who came out. He felt brand new like his eyes had just opened for the first time.
Segun was excited about becoming a Christian, he called Abeni and told her about Jesus but she wasn't excited, she told him that she had recently been made the youth leader of Ogun worshippers and could not become a Christian.
Segun knew at that point that he had made a mistake and he was in trouble because as a Christian he couldn't marry Abeni and she wouldn't also become a Christian. He went to see his pastor and his pastor showed him a scripture in Isaiah 49:25 (ESV) For thus says the LORD: “Even the captives of the mighty shall be taken, and the prey of the tyrant be rescued, for I will contend with those who contend with you, and I will save your children.
His pastor explained to him that the moment he gave his life to Christ, he was free from every other covenant from lesser gods, he also explained to him that the blood of Jesus was superior and the covenant he had with Jesus was more powerful. His pastor prayed with him and delivered him by the blood of Jesus from every evil covenant.
Segun felt free, peaceful and brand new and then he called Abeni on the phone and explained that he couldn't marry her if she continued worshipping Ogun. She laughed and told him that it meant he would never father a child, Segun told her that there was a superior power but she didn't believe him.
A year later, Segun got married to another lady who was born again from his village and they are blessed with 2 children. Abeni finally gave her life to Christ when she saw that there was indeed a superior power.
Beloved, have you been involved in any blood covenant with anyone? The blood of Jesus and the covenant you have with Jehovah is more powerful! Give your life to Christ and He will make you brand new! Don't delay, come today!

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